220uF 35V Radial Lead Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors for Do-it-Yourself Repairing of LCD TVs and Consumer Electronics – 5 pc.

Price: ₹2,630.00
(as of Feb 17,2023 15:45:30 UTC – Details)

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High Quality
General purpose 220uF 35V Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors made by the most trusted manufacturers. Rubicon or Nichicon.

Save Money
➡️ Imagine fixing your TV for less than $10, possibly saving you hundreds or thousands of dollars.
➡️ Worth trying a repair before buying new electronics.

➡️ Our 220uF 35 volt capacitors are great for do-it-yourself repairing of LCD TVs, LCD Monitors, Motherboards, Audio systems and other consumer electronics.
➡️ Identifying failed capacitors is easy. There are many online video tutorials showing you how.
➡️ Removing and replacing capacitors is easy and there are many online video tutorials.

✅ SAVE MONEY – Potentially save hundreds of dollars by easily repairing electronics yourself
✅ REPAIR – 220uF 35 volt capacitors work great for repairing TVs, monitors and other electronics power boards.
✅ 35 VOLT – These 220uF capacitors can replace capacitors with 5.5v, 6.3v, 7.5v, 10v, 16v, 20v, 25v,30v or 35v rating
✅ Package of 5