EXZON Gaming Pc Full setup Desktop complete computer system Core I7 3770 |16GB Ram |512GB SSD NVMe 500GB 7200 RPM HDD | |Windows 10| GT 4GB 730 DDR5 Graphics Card 800W PSU with 20 inches led Monitor RGB Keyboard RGB Mouse Wi-fi Ready to play

Price: ₹46,000 - ₹31,999.00

(as of Jul 10,2023 12:31:12 UTC – Details)

i7 gaming pc full setup Budget desktop computer full set complete system for gaming 16gb ram 512gb ssd pc with great gaming exprience gives smooth experiance this gaming pc full setup desktop has wonder full configuration for gaming. EXZON Tower PC We here at EXZON pride ourselves on providing the best Budget Assembled PC with quality, affordability, and the passion that we have for our systems. Our machines are designed with Tested and Benchmarked quality components so our users feel that they have the reliability and speed to get them to the next level of any computer task. Unlike other assembled PC companies, we DO NOT cut corners on components. The perfect combo to price, H61 with Core i7 CPU will deliver the descent performance ratio. What sets us apart from others are the components that we use. Each and every product being assembled are checked and will have a better performance than other competing custom PC
H61 Motherboard VGA & HDMI 3.0 USB Supported
DDR3 16GB | 512GB NVMe SSD| 500GB HDD 20 inch LED Monitor VGA & HDMI has an aspect ratio of 16:9 and with 1600 x 900 pixels | GAMING Keyboard Mouse WiFi Adopter
Ready to Use: Operating System, Software and Drivers are properly installed. Suitable for Gaming ,Office, Home, Education, Programming, Entertainment, Accounting, Internet, Video Editing, Photo Editing, Basic Usage and Designing. Best performing computer to use all software Good for High-End Gaming, Video Editing Blasting performance at high graphics settings
GT 730 DDR5 4GB Graphic card | windows 11 Pro (trail) essential software ready to play