Plutofit? Educational Laptops & Tablets Notebook Computer with 22 Activities & Games Including Mouse for Kids

Price: ₹2,499 - ₹2,199.00

(as of Aug 05,2023 14:01:03 UTC – Details)

With the help of this super slim laptop, children are able to pick up letters and numbers faster and better. Regular use of the laptop makes way for letter recognition, pronunciation and spellings; it also encourages reading. Innovative features for kids-this kids laptop with mouse is appealing because of its in-built LCD screen and unique sound instructions. You will find your toddler learning words with each passing day. A keypad and a mouse have been provided to make it look just like real laptop. The grey toy laptop is made from durable plastic and is safe for kids to use.
22 educational functions: missing letter. Spelling correction. Scrambled word. Extra letter. Anagram. Plural. Antonym. Flash memory. Mathematics. Addition. Subtraction. Multiplication. Division. Completing equation. Smaller/larger. Numbering logic. Algebra. Geometry. Music. Karaoke. Dance to music. Music maker. Game and amusements. Keyboard typing. Typing practice. Stone-paper-scissors. Tower of Hanoi. Shape puzzle. Discovery. Tic-tac-toe. Grand prix. Demo
It is very beneficial for preschoolers to prepare themselves with the basics of language, matematcics. It is a fun tool that combines fun and learning for children