T-80s Panel Test Tool LED LCD Screen Test Tool for TV Desktop Laptop Computers LCD Test Tools Inverter Built-in 80 Screen Parameters Support 5.6~84 Inch Screen-Layfoo

Price: ₹22,679.00
(as of Mar 14,2023 22:16:59 UTC – Details)

☆ The default current-adjusted screen size is 5.6~17.3inch.
☆ Internal integration of various resolution programs, different resolutions can be selected acco to different screens to complete the test.
☆ Support LVDS interface horizontal screen resolution and vertical screen resolution, maximum support 3840*2160 resolution, built-in LCD LED backlight constant current source, the default constant current of 120mA, adaptive boost voltage, maximum boost voltage of 30V, support LED +/LED-positive and negative short circuit pro-tection alarm, 30V overvoltage pro-tection.
☆ The tester ou ut interface with short-circuit pro-tection, each interface corresponding to a short-circuit code, short-circuit alarm buzzer, power lights will flash, Nixie tube will show which interface short-circuit code.
☆ Built-in a variety of LCD screen detection screen, more suitable for you to detection the different kinds of bad LCD screens.