UMAI 43-Piece Cordless Heavy Duty Screw Driver Tool Set Kit 4V, Charging Cable and Case | LED Worklight | Fast Charging | Ideal for DIY Projects and Professional Use | Applicable for Household Items, Furniture, Windows, Doors, Frames

Price: ₹4,595 - ₹1,849.00

(as of Sep 10,2023 11:44:54 UTC – Details)

Upgrade your tool collection with the UMAI Screwdriver Set. This comprehensive cordless electric screwdriver kit is equipped with everything you need to tackle various tasks with ease and efficiency. Featuring a powerful 18650/1300mAh battery, the UMAI Screwdriver delivers a rated voltage of 3.6v, providing ample power to handle demanding projects. With a maximum torque of 6N.M and a high-speed performance of 280r/min, this screwdriver enables you to complete tasks quickly and effortlessly. The UMAI Screwdriver Set includes a wide range of 36pcs 25mm bits, 6 pcs 50mm bits, and a 50mm extended bit, allowing you to handle different screw sizes and types. The plastic box ensures easy organization and storage, keeping your bits neatly arranged. Thanks to the built-in LED working light, you can work with enhanced visibility, even in low-light conditions. The light illuminates your workspace, making it easier to work precisely and efficiently. Charging the screwdriver is convenient and straightforward. The included 0.3m USB charging line allows you to connect the screwdriver to any USB power source. With a charging time of just 1 hour using a 2A power source, you’ll be up and running in no time. Compact and portable, the UMAI Screwdriver Set is designed to be your go-to tool kit. Its dimensions of 20144.5cm and weight of 754g/set make it easy to carry around and store when not in use. Whether you’re a professional or a DIY enthusiast, this set is suitable for a wide range of applications, from assembling furniture to fixing electronics and installing cabinets. UMAI is committed to providing reliable and high-quality tools. The UMAI Screwdriver Set is built to last, ensuring durability and long-lasting performance. Upgrade your tool arsenal with the UMAI Screwdriver Set and experience the convenience and efficiency it brings to your projects.
Powerful and Versatile: The UMAI Screwdriver Set is a cordless electric screwdriver with a 18650/1300mAh battery, delivering a rated voltage of 3.6v and a maximum torque of 6N.M.
High-Speed Performance: With a speed of 280r/min, this screwdriver provides efficient and fast operation, saving you time and effort on various tasks.
Convenient Charging: The included USB charging line (0.3m) ensures easy and hassle-free charging. It takes just 1 hour to fully charge the screwdriver with a 2A power source.
Enhanced Visibility: Equipped with an LED working light, the UMAI Screwdriver Set illuminates your work area, allowing you to work with precision even in dimly lit environments.
Compact and Portable: Measuring 20144.5cm and weighing 754g/set, this lightweight and compact set is easy to carry and store, making it ideal for both professional and DIY use.
Wide Range of Applications: Suitable for a variety of tasks, including assembling furniture, fixing electronics, installing cabinets, and more.
Reliable Quality: UMAI is committed to providing high-quality tools. This screwdriver set is durable, built to last, and designed to withstand everyday use.