uxcell Metric Machine Tap M4 x 0.7mm H2 HSS Uncoated 3 Straight Flutes Thread Tapping DIY Tool 2pcs

Price: ₹4,389 - ₹3,073.00

(as of Aug 07,2023 00:37:14 UTC – Details)

Straight 3 flutes are ground to provide rapid chip removal for efficient threading.
Used with some cutting fluid or keep it wet when tapping, the will last longer.
The mini metric are mainly used for clocks, watches, low hardness wood and soft metal hole processing.

Product Name: Metric Machine Tap
Total Weight: 13g
Accuracy: H2
Thread Size: M4
Shank Width: 3mm / 0.12 inch
Thread Length: 18.8mm / 0.74inch
Total Length: 56.8mm / 2.24 inch
Material: HSS (High-Speed Steel)
Type: Straight Flutes

Package Contents:
2 x Metric Machine Tap

1. Recommended hardness of tapping material is not too high: Suitable for most metals, iron plate, copper, zinc, alloy steel, abrasive steel, A3 steel, stainless steel, etc.. Appropriate addition of coolant (e.g., water) can extend the service life when tapping.
2. Please control speed according to material hardness. The higher the hardness, the slower the speed. Fast speed with small torque; slow speed with high torque. The force must be uniform in tapping operations.
3. First drill the hole with twist drill, and then use the taps tapping. Tapping angle should be vertical 90 degree and keep stable.
4. Tapping depth should not exceed 1.5 times the diameter of the tap: For example: diameter of M5x0.8 about 5mm, the depth should not exceed 7.5mm.

The thread tap can make new threads or re-thread damaged or jammed threads. Uncoated taps feature just the base substrate without any additional coatings, and fit a wide range of applications.
Suitable for processing through holes or shallow holes on most metals, iron plate, copper, zinc, alloy steel, abrasive steel, A3 steel, stainless steel, etc.. Add appropriate tapping oil for higher quality internal threads and more durable taps.
Straight flute design, rapid downward chip removal for efficient threading, clear threads without burrs, right hand tapping direction. Good for processing through holes or shallow holes
Machine taps used with drilling machines, tapping machines, automatic machines, machining centers, CNC, milling machines, not recommended for hand and electric drill tapping. Recommended feed speed: ordinary steel: 6-15m/min; harder steel material: 5-10m/min; stainless steel: 2-7m/min; cast iron: 8-10m/min.